Data Protection (GDPR) compliance done right

How is GDPR compliance done right with TRUENDO?

TRUENDO is a GDPR compliance solution that will buy your business time and peace of mind.


Process customer requests in under 100 milliseconds (0,1s)


TRUENDO works for small business with a small customer base or global corperations.


Set up is quick, easy and headache-free.

Peace of Mind

Our service is distributed across multiple EU Data Centers, ensuring the highest possible availability.

We automate

TRUENDO specializes in automation, even allowing you to auto-generate GDPR compliant web-forms. Our service can completely automate the personal data flow within your business, ensuring that data is always up to date everywhere. Complex tasks, such as knowing when and why you must delete user data becomes easy with our automated task management system.

TRUENDO Self Service Centre (SSC)

Here users can exercise their GDPR rights such as the:
Right to rectification
Right of erasure (the “right to be forgotten”)
Right of access to their information
This is all automated. It means we save your staff time, in turn saving you money

Consent Management

How quickly are you able to determine exactly why you are processing personal data in which system for specific individual? TRUENDO can tell you this with a single click, by completely managing the consent life-cycle for every person sharing personal data with your organisation.

TRUENDO Privacy Dashboard (PD)

With the TRUENDO PD your users will always know exactly why they are entering their information.
This will be explained in concise, clear and comprehensible English, as stipulated by the GDPR.

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