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Automatic Privacy Policy

Make your website GDPR and Cookie Compliant

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Is my website GDPR compliant?

What do I need to make my website GDPR compliant?
Is there an easy way?

Your GDPR Guide: TRU-Bot

TRU-Bot guides you in to the Land of Compliance.

Lawyers, Data Protection Officers and software developers created it to help guide you through the GDPR jungle.

TRU-Bot scans your website and looks for all the personal data it collects. It uses this information to create your websites unique Privacy Panel.

The Land of Compliance

What will you find there?

  • A compliant Privacy Policy in the form of a Privacy Panel
  • A compliant Cookie Notice
  • A Privacy Policy humans can actually read and understand
  • Peace of mind
  • Customers Trust
  • A visit from TRU-Bot once a month to make sure your privacy policy is still up-to-date

The Journey – It’s a quick one

Step 1: Let TRU-Bot scan your finished website

Step 2: Create a TRUENDO account

Step 3: Integrate your Privacy Panel into your website

In the land of compliance you will have:

  • A website that is GDPR compliant
  • A website that is Cookie compliant
  • An understandable Privacy Policy → people trust what they know and understand
  • A non-invasive Cookie Notice
  • Peace of mind​

What People Say

Is your website on the right side of the GDPR?

Have your Website scanned to find out, like many before you.