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Whats a GDPR Ready Privacy Policy?

A GDRP Ready Privacy Policy must be
and fulfil all the GDPR requirements. 
Don’t worry, we take care of all that!

All-In-One Privay Policy

Created by Data Protection Officers and checked by Lawyers. We offer a privacy policy AND a cookie notice so you can manage everything in one place.

How It Works

Step 1: Have your finished website scanned
Step 2: Create your TRUENDO account
Step 3: Integrate TRUENDO into your website

What Do You Get?

GDPR compliance for your website in the form of a:
a Privacy Policy,
a Cookie Notice,
automatic scans that update your privacy policy
so you can relax and save legal costs on new privacy updates.

What People Say

Is your website on the right side of the GDPR?

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