What is TRUENDO?


TRUENDO is a dedicated GDPR website compliance software that will make your website GDPR compliant.

Cookie notifications (ePrivacy compliance) are also integrated into the software, which will also make your website cookie compliant.



We decided to make software that is specialised in GDPR website compliance because we believe that the GDPR is a good law.

We understand that it be can tricky for any organization, no matter the size, to make their websites GDPR compliant.



Having a website is a GDPR vulnerability and it is our aim to make a product that is easy to use, for both the organization and the end-user.

Integrating TRUENDO into your website will be small step for you, but a big step to make your website GDPR compliant.



 We at Decidio built the TRUENDO software around the 3 principals: easy integration, easy management and a great user experience.

DECIDIO GmbH is an IT consulting firm with a combined software development experience, of over 30 years.