Consent Managment


Consent, Consent, Consent

Consent forms one of the bases of legally processing personal data, as stipulated by Article 6 of the GDPR. A major challenge of the GDPR is managing a person’s consent. You are always required to know exactly what you are allowed to do with a person’s data and what not. Consent ranges from sending out a newsletter to handling sensitive (e.g. medical) data.



How will TRUENDO help your business manage consent?

With TRUENDO you will be buying your business security. Because consent is the basis for large amounts of legal processing, managing it correctly is of paramount importance for your business. With TRUENDO consent management will be easy and it will be done properly!

   You will be able to manage consent on a granular level, down to the individual

   You will always know which consent a person has provided and when they provided it

   Your clients are only a click away from adding new consent (see the TRUENDO Self-Service Centre)

   TRUENDO makes it very difficult for your business to use data illegally

We believe that your customer data is your most valuable asset.

It should be treated as such.