Data Directory


What is the TRUENDO Data Directory and how does it work?

A Data Directory stores how and why personal data is processed in your business. This is commonly done in a spreadsheet. With TRUENDO a data directory becomes more than just documentation, it is transformed into usable information. It forms the basis of automating your GDPR processes. This will be a great benefit for your business because you will be saving time, energy and money. Your business will define the following to get started:

A – Define “Data-Entry-Points” i.e. where and how data gets collected

B – Define consent for collecting data

C – Define your purposes of collection

D – Define where data will flow to, whether internally or to 3rd parties i.e. who can access data

E – Define the retention times of data


Set up the Data Directory to suit your needs.

A – Data-Entry-Points such as:

   an online registration form

   data entered manually by an employee from an email or telephone call

   contact form and newsletter signups

   from third parties

This way your business always knows how data was collected.

BConsent is defined in the Data Directory e.g. “Do you consent to allow us to use your email address to send you a newsletter? 

CPurpose of collection is also defined. e.g. “We require your address to mail you your purchase

D – Your business also defines where the data gets sent to for processing (e.g. HR, Marketing, Sales) – Within TRUENDO we call this a service. Services process data i.e. data gets pushed from A to B to C etc.

– Retention times can be selected based on legal requirements.

How we bring it all together

The Data Directory binds all the above data to a person (data subject). This means that the Data-Entry-Point, the consent, the purpose, the data destination and the retention time are all visible at the click of a button, for a specific individual. This way you retain absolute control of the collected data. Once the Data Directory is setup, it will allow for the automation of the GDPR processes. The departments in your business that require access to certain data, will have it automatically, based on consent and purposes. This is what makes TRUENDO so unique.

All the GDPR processes that can be automated, will be automated.

This is how GDPR compliance is done right.