Cookie Integration

By EU law, you have to inform your website’s visitors (that are from the EU) that your website sets cookies. To set cookies that track a person you need their consent i.e. they have to opt-in or accept cookies.

To help you make your website compliant, you have to connect cookies to the Privacy Panel. This gives users full control of cookies your website sets.

Cookie Categories
Necessary Statistics Marketing
These are cookies that your website needs to work properly. A shopping basket or remembering language settings are some examples. Google Analytics is an example of a cookie that collects stats about where users are from that visit your website (among other things). They require consent. The Facebook Pixel is an example of a marketing cookie. These cookies are used to create personalised adverts. They require consent.
To categorise cookies when connecting them to the Privacy Panel use the code in orange:
  1. Necessary: The Privacy Panel will show a person that a necessary cookie is being set. They will not have to option to (de)activate the cookies in this category.

  2. Statistics: type=“text/plain” data-trucookiecontrol=“statistics”

  3. Marketing: type=“text/plain” data-trucookiecontrol=“marketing”.