WordPress Cookies

Connect Cookies to the Privacy Center via the Plugin:

To ensure that your website is ePrivacy (Cookie) compliant you have to give a person the option to opt-in and to opt-out of cookies collecting information about them. To do this you have to connect your cookies to the Privacy Center. This can be done in the plugin under the Scripts tab.

How to do it

We will use Google Analytics as an example below, but you could add a Hotjar, Crazyegg or any another cookie that helps you collect stats about how your website is used.

  1. Find you Google Analytics script and copy it.
  2. Paste your Google Analytics script it into the Statistics field.
  3. Hit the plus button next to the input field.
  4. Now you can add another script or SAVE CHANGES.
PLEASE NOTE: Only add one script at a time. DO NOT add all your scripts at once.