Register an Account

How to Register an Account and add Domains.


Registering your organization is an easy 3-step process.

Step 1:

To get started with TREUNDO go to the Console and click on GET STARTED.

Step 2:

Type in your email address and create a strong password and click CREATE USER.

Step 3:

Type in the name of your oranzization and press CREATE ORGANIZATION.

Adding Domains

Adding domains is very simple

Step 1

At the top bar right next to your Organization name you will see a button saying Add Domain. When you click on that TRUENDO will prompt you to type in your domain name. Make sure that the URL you type is the root of your website such us and not a subpage as or After you have typed your domain click on ADD.

Note: TRUENDO will now proceed to scan you website and add the services you use, in the background.

Step 2

To add further domains click on your current domain on the top bar and you will be prompted to either select an existing domain or add a new one. Click ADD NEW DOMAIN and repeat the process of Step 1.

Note: You do not have to wait for TRUENDO to finish scanning to add new domains, it will finish all scans one after the other in the background. However, make sure to give TRUENDO 10-20 seconds before proceeding to integrate it to you website.