The most advanced
Cookie Manager for
GDPR Compliance

An enterprise level Consent Management Platform made available to everybody.
Whether you manage 1 website or 100, the TRUENDO Cookie Manager works for you.

Cookie Manager

Easy GDPR Website Compliance

The Cookie Manager offers your users transparent, compliant and clear opt-in/out options.
TRUENDO allows you to easily manage user consent records, which is the proof you need to show compliance and to fulfil GDPR Data Subject (User) Rights.

Easy Website Compliance

Avoid Fines by Automation

With websites constantly being updated, making sure your Cookie Manager stays up-to-date can be a real hassle. Through scheduled scans of your websites, your Cookie Manager will update itself. This helps reduce the risk of fines, because when new marketing tools and cookies are added to your websites, your cookie manager will update itself.

Reduce Risk by Automation

Easy Integration and Management

Integrating is as easy as Copy-Paste.
Tag Managers such as Google or Adobe Tag Managers can also be used.
As a DPO you have an excellent overview of all your websites' consent records.
As a marketer you have flexibility to maximize the opt-in rate, while remaining GDPR and ePrivacy compliant.
TRUENDO offers multiple out-of-the-box compliant Cookie Banners, with predefined texts, that have been translated into 24 languages.

Easy Integration and Management

Reach Complete Compliance

TRUENDO is constantly striving to reduce the compliance hassle, while keeping the Cookie Manager compliant.

IAB iconIAB TCF v2.0

The TRUENDO Cookie Manager is a certified IAB TCF v2.0 Consent Management Platform.

GDPR iconGDPR ePrivacy Expertise

TRUENDO works together with the law firm BK Legal. Two employees are also TÜV Austria certified Data Protection Officers with more in training.

Future Development iconFuture Developments

The TRUENDO team closely monitors court decisions around data privacy. TRUENDO will align its' services with any future court decisions and we will inform you about any legal updates. We are closely monitoring developments around the new ePrivacy Regulation.

Reach Complete Compliance

Automate Everything

We value your time and we know you don't want to spend it figuring out which service sets what cookie etc. This is where TRUENDO's powerful automation comes into play!

Crawl iconAutomatic Website Scans

Depending on your package, TRUENDO will scan up to 10, 100 or 1000 webpages, starting at the home/landing page. During the scan, it identifies cookies, scripts, iFrames and Pixels that collect personal data.  

Cookie Categorization iconAutomatic Cookie Categorisation

Cookies are automatically categorised into Necessary, Statistics, Marketing, Social Media, Preference etc. You can also create your own cookie categories.

Cookie Information iconCookie Information

Cookie Information displays the cookie name, the expiry date, the cookie category, the cookie domain, the collected personal data and the vendor details in a very clear and transparent manner.

Autoblocking iconAutoblocking of Cookies

Prior to consent, all cookies that require consent will be blocked.

Placeholder iconEmbedded Content Placeholders

Before 3rd party content, such as a Youtube video loads and sets its' own cookies, consent is required from the user. TRUENDO offers placeholders that work on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Automate Everything

Every Choice Matters

We believe that the choices your visitors make are important. They have the right to be in control of their personal data.

Consent Collection iconConsent Records

The webmaster and/or DPO have a very clear overview of all the consent records in the Console (login area) of the Cookie Manager. Each change the user makes is recorded, so you always know exactly what the user consented to and when.

Active Consent iconActive Consent

Cookies are only set if the user actively consents i.e. if they “opt-in”. This is the only legal way to set non-necessary cookies.

Adaptive Consent iconAdaptive Consent

If new cookies have been added, since the last consent, the user will be asked to give their consent again for the new cookies.

Every Choice Matters

Customise TRUENDO To Your Needs

Your reputation is extremely important, which is why TRUENDO aims to give you as much freedom as possible to guarantee a unique and compliant experience.

Multilingual SupportMultilingual

TRUENDO is available in 24 Languages: Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish.

Geo LocationGeo Control

Choose whether your website displays the banner in the EU only or globally.

Cookie Banner DesignCookie Banner Designs

You get several out-of-the-box cookie banners to choose from, but you can also create your own cookie banners. There are however limitations, to make sure your own designs remain compliant.

Easy IntegrationEasy Integration

A WordPress plugin is offered out-of-the-box. Any other plugins can be developed for you. Without plugins, the integration is still as easy as copy-paste.
Integration can also be done via Tag Managers (TM) such as the Google TM or the Adobe Dynamic TM.

Style CustomizationStyle Customization

The color scheme of the Cookie Manager, the Cookie Banner, the button colors, text colors and even the button radius can be changed to match the style of your website(s).

Hide Floating ButtonHide Floating Button

Hide the floating button from your website, but be sure to link the Cookie Manager to text in your footer or to a button. Users have to be 1 click away from changing their preferences. Click on "Privacy Panel" in our footer.

Customize TRUENDO