The CMP Designed for all Devices

TRUENDO's CMP is designed for the best UX on mobile. Keep users on your site with a great UX.

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Keep Users on your Site

If the CMP you implement on your website annoys users, they will leave. Users that have to wait for more than 2s are likely to leave your website. Because TRUENDO is a brand new CMP, we had no legacy concepts in our development process that we needed to keep or work around. We use technology that is highly scalable and extemely lightweight to make sure your users are not annoyed by long loading times, which helps you keep users on your website.

Keep users on your Site

GDPR & ePrivacy Compliant

You also need to comply with regulations outside IAB's Transparency & Consent Framework. TRUENDO's CMP complies with the EUs GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation. Like the IAB's user focused approach, the TRUENDO CMP lets users control which cookies/trackers collect and share their information.

GDPR compliance

Easy Copy-Paste Integration

To make the switch to v2.0 is quick and easy, we made integration very easy. Whether you integrate via a Tag Manager or directly into the code of your website, integrating TRUENDO is very easy.

Easy Intergration

Compliancy made easy

Compliance IconProve Compliance

With just a few clicks you can prove that you set cookies legally.

Audit Ready iconAudit Ready

Display the data flow that you collected from users. You always know which vendors you shared user data with.

Geo Location iconGeo-Location

Choose whether your website displays the banner in the EU only or globally.

Consent Records iconConsent Records

Each change the user makes is recorded, so you always know exactly what the user consented to and when.

Adaptive Consent iconAdaptive Consent

If new cookies have been added, since the last consent, the user will be asked to give their consent again for the new cookies.

Embeded Placeholders iconEmbedded Content Placeholders

Before 3rd party content, such as a Youtube video loads and sets its' own cookies, consent is required from the user. For Users that opt-out initially, Content Placeholders are a great way to get them to opt-in while browing your website.

Reach Complete Compliance

User Experience

Granular Consent iconGranular Consent

Users can opt-in to all cookies at once, to specific purposes or vendors. They user remains in control, thereby gaining trust in your Organization.

User Rights iconEasy User Rights Fulfilment

Easily manage users request for access and request to be forgotten.

Multilingual iconAll EU Languages & More

We offer all EU languages plus others others. It is a legal requirement to offer a cookie notice in the language of your website.

Custom Style iconStyle Customization

Change the design of the Cookie Banner and Manager to fit the design of your website so that it does not look out of place and disrupt the user experience.

Every Choice Matters

Automate Everything

Crawl iconAutomatic Website Scans

Depending on your package, TRUENDO will scan up to 10, 100 or 1000 webpages, starting at the home/landing page. During the scan, it identifies cookies, scripts, iFrames and Pixels that collect personal data.

Cookie Categorization iconAutomatic Cookie Categorisation

Cookies are automatically categorised into Necessary, Statistics, Marketing, Social Media, Preference etc. You can also create your own cookie categories.

Cookie Information iconCookie Information

Cookie Information displays the cookie name, the expiry date, the cookie category, the cookie domain, the required personal data and the vendor details in a very clear and transparent manner.

Autoblocking iconAutoblocking of Cookies

Prior to consent, all cookies that require consent will be blocked. This is the only compliant way to make your website compliant.

Automate Everything

Technical Features

Lightweight iconLightweight

To ensure that the TRUENDO CMP does not slowdown your website we use the lightweight technologies such as PreactJS and Golang.

Highly Scalable iconHighly Scalable

Because scaleability is the foundation of mass media being.

Speed iconSpeed

With a Content Delivery Network (CDN) we make sure that users around the globe never have to wait for the CMP to load. We cache our content all over the globe so that no matter where your website gets called from, they never have to wait for the CMP to load.

Technical Features