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TRUENDO offers an all-in-one solution that is transparent to the organization and the user, allowing you to facilitate trust and improve communication in the easiest possible way.

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Fully customized solution

We understand the complex needs of enterprises and will provide you with a tailored solution that caters to the design and functionalities your organization requires.

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Stay up to date

We work with legal experts to ensure that your website is always compliant, avoiding legal risks, fines and potential damage to your reputation.

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Hassle-free management

TRUENDO records all user choices and displays them in an easy-to-manage dashboard, allowing you to prove compliance with a few simple steps.

From a marketing perspective

In digital marketing, one of the greatest concerns of using a CMP can be the lack of information. The TRUENDO CMP is able to collect data from your visitors, while remaining fully compliant with the highest GDPR and ePrivacy standards.

The TRUENDO control panel can provide you with additional valuable insights on your website users, so that you can improve the way you target potential clients.

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Marketing Perspective

From a legal perspective

TRUENDO automatically scans your website once a month to identify cookies, scripts, iFrames and Pixels that collect personal data. We automatically make adjustments to TRUENDO’s offered privacy policy according to the latest legislation.

TRUENDO has internal and external legal experts in the area of GDPR and ePrivacy, updating its policies on a regular basis, making sure that your website is always compliant.

TRUENDO has its own TÜV Austria certified data protection officers (DPOs) to assist you throughout the process.

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Legal Perspective

From an IT perspective

The TRUENDO CMP is optimized on both the organization and user ends, making it easy to manage and simple to implement.

With TRUENDO’s easy-to-use control panel, you can have a GDPR and ePrivacy compliant website with just a few simple steps.

Loading speeds are top priority for good SEO on any website. TRUENDO uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure minimal loading times everywhere in the world.

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“We tested multiple CMPs, but the TRUENDO solution was the only one that fulfilled our specific industry needs. Their flexibility and professionality is of the highest standard.”

— Marc Hofmann, CEO | CheckMyBus

"It was very easy to add TRUENDO to our website, it only took a few minutes and now we have a GDPR compliant online presence."

— Gregoire Landreau | Spoc – Marketing

"Simple and easy is the motto for our customers. For this reason, that TRUENDO is the right partner for us regarding the tiresome issue of the GDPR."

— Claudia & Charly | Sencillo