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Easy IAB TCF v2.0 Support

In 2019 the IAB published the Transparency and Consent Framework, attempting to provide publishers with an adjusted solution to the General Protection Regulations (GDPR). TRUENDO provides publishers with a Consent Management Platform (CMP) for their specific needs.

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With a lightweight product of only 60KB TRUENDO is able to prevent any potential slowdowns on your homepage. This will allow you to perform at the highest possible level, and avoid loss of customers due to website delays.



The TRUENDO CMP works on all Websites, across all platforms, with the UX and UI optimized for iOs and Android. The design can easily be customized to fit your specific preferences through the intuitive control panel. Geo Control is available, allowing you to choose if the banner is displayed only in EU countries or globally.



In order to comply with regulations, the CMP must always be in the same language as the website. TRUENDO is currently available in 26 languages, covering all EU countries and its’ major trading partners.




per Domain
per Month / billed Annually (24€)

This plans stores up to 2400 Unique Visitors per Year. It is ideal for small businesses such as Beauty Salons, Restuarants, Coaches, Trainers, Advisors, Freelancers, Vets, Sole Traders etc.


per Domain
per Month / billed Annually (420€)

This plans stores up to 600 000 Unique Visitors per year. It is ideal for businesses with higher traffic, such as News Websites, Universities, Hotels, Influencers & Businesses that serve international visitors or offer websites in mulitple languages.

Customised Solution


Please contact us if you need a customised solution, so that we can tailor our CMP to fit the needs of your company.

Zaster & Zampano

Johannes Luger

Zaster & Zampano – Advertising Agency

"For us as an Advertising and Consulting Agency, it was super easy to fulfil the GDPR requirements for our website. We have the TRUENDO Privacy Panel to thank for that.​"

Gregoire Landreau

Spoc – Marketing

"It was very easy to add TRUENDO to our website, it only took a few minutes and now we have a GDPR compliant"

Claudia & Charly

Sencillo – Design & Sound

"Simple and easy is the motto for our customers. For this reason, that TRUENDO is the right partner for us regarding the tiresome issue of the GDPR."