Enterprise Cookie Manager

The TRUENDO Enterprise Cookie Manager will help you keep your websites ePrivacy & GDPR Compliant.

Highlighted Features

  • Website Crawling
  • Automatic Cookie Categorisation
  • Cookie Information
  • Embedded Content Placeholders
  • Consent Collection
  • Active Consent

Highlighted features include:

• Website Crawling

TRUENDO will crawl your website and find identify privacy relevant cookies, scripts, iFrames and Pixel.

• Automatic Cookie Categorisation

Cookies will be categorised into Necessary, Statistics, Marketing, Social Media, Preference etc. automatically.

• Cookie Information

Cookie Information will show the cookie name, the vendor, the purpose, the cookie domain, and the expiry date in a transparent manner.

• Embedded Content Placeholders

Before 3rd party content, such as a tweet load, consent is required from the user. TRUENDO offers placeholders that work on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

• Consent Collection

Consent will be collected from the user. The webmaster will have a clear overview of all consent in the admin area of the Cookie Manager.

• Active Consent

Cookies will only be set if the user actively consents i.e. if they “opt-in”.

Further features include:

• Pay per domain

Subpages included. Subdomains are also included in the price.

• Adaptive Consent

If new cookies have been added, since the last consent, the user will be asked to give their consent again.

• Remote Backups

Crawl results and consent records will be backed up remotely for extra insurance.

• Version History of Websites

The result of each crawl will be saved and can be referenced in case of an audit.

• Multilingual support

English and German are offered. Further translations are possible.

• Easy Integration

A WordPress plugin is offered out-of-the-box. Any other plugins can be developed for you. 

• Cookie Banner Designs

Out-of-the-box you will have control of the colour code of the cookie banner to match the theme of the website.


• Customisation

Texts, Fonts, Colours, Banner design, Cookie Categories, can all be customised to fit the requirements of your company.

• Browser Support

Supports all major browsers on Desktop, Tablet and Mobil

• Future Developments

The TRUENDO team closely monitors court decisions around data privacy. TRUENDO will be updated to align with any future court decisions.

• GDPR ePrivacy Expertise

TRUENDO works together with the law form BK Legal. Two employees are also TÜV Austria certified Data Protection Officers. 

• Compliance Testing Automated

Verify that all scripts requireing consent are actually blocked until consent is given. Ensures that no cookies are set illegally.

• Autoblocking of Cookies

Prior to consent, all cookies that require consent will be blocked.

• Consent Version Matching

The enterprise will be able to see which website version the user consented to.

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