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Starter Features

GDPR Compliance

TRUENDO is designed and developed to help make a website GDPR compliant. It's a new way of presenting your privacy policy to your website's visitors. It's a privacy policy anybody can understand.

Cookie Compliance

TRUENDO also makes your website Cookie (ePrivacy) compliant. The simple, non-invasive cookie notice allows for easy opt-in/out for your site's visitors. Give them full control - build trust.

Automatic Scans & Updates

TRUENDO will keep your Privacy Panel up-to-date by regularly scanning your website. When your website changes, TRUENDO changes your privacy policy. If the law changes, TRUENDO changes your privacy policy.

Web Server Geolocation

TRUENDO locates the web server (the server where your website is actually stored) and tells you if it's in the EU or not. Knowing where your website logs personal data is very important.

Pro Features

Hide the Floating Button

Hide the floating button on the website. You can link the privacy policy via button or text instead!


To make sure that TRUENDO fits the design of your website you can adjust the colours to fit the theme of your website.


With the Pro package, you can remove "Powered by TRUENDO" at the bottom of the Privacy Panel.


TRUENDO checks the language of a browser and displays the Privacy Panel accordingly. It is currently offered in English, German and Swedish.

Is your website on the right side of the GDPR?

Have your Website scanned to find out, like many before you.


GDPR Privacy Policy

  • Display all the personal data collected
  • Purpose for collecting personal data
  • Display who will receive the data
  • Legal Basis for collecting personal data
  • Display the Retention times
  • Where the data will be processed & stored
  • Display a person’s GDPR Rights
  • Contact details of the Data Controller
  • Communicate this info clearly and concisely

Cookie Notice

  • A non-invasive Cookie Notice
  • Cookie Consent via opt-in
  • Cookie Categories:
  • Necessary - (includes preference cookies)
  • Statistics - (Google Analytics, Hotjar etc.)
  • Marketing - (Facebook Pixel, Matomo etc.)