How TRUENDO Works With Your Agency​!

TRUENDO is currently working with the Web Agencies featured on the bottom. If you are interested in TRUENDO then please contact us.


In cooperation with the law firm Bitterl König Rechtsanwälte

What’s In It For Your Web Agency?


Increase Your Product Portfolio

Sell your websites as GDPR Compliant Websites and as Cookie Compliant.


Earn Extra Cash

As a TRUENDO Partner, you will earn money when you resell.


State Of The Art

You will be offering your clients state-of-the-art technology.


Promote Data Privacy

Your Agency will help understand their personal data by offering them an easy-to-read privacy policy.


Easy As Pie

TRUENDO is super easy to manage. You can make your client’s websites GDPR Compliant with a few mouse clicks.


Custom Theming

You can change the design of the Privacy Panel to match a website. The information stays but the design becomes yours.

Is your website on the right side of the GDPR?

Have your Website scanned to find out, like many before you.

Partner Agencies