Do You Need To Make Your Website GDPR Compliant?

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What’s In It For Me


GDPR Compliant

The TRUENDO Privacy Panel is a Privacy Policy. It was designed around the GDPR. It gives a person all the GDPR-required information about their personal data in an easy-to-read manner.


Cookie Compliant

The TRUENDO Privacy Panel also covers the cookies notice. Let your website visitors manage their cookie preferences. Yes, this is a legal obligation (ePrivacy Law).


Automatically Up To Date

We notify you if your Privacy Panel needs updating. TRUENDO will scan your website on a regular basis to make sure your website is always GDPR compliant and also cookie compliant.


Save On Legal Costs

The TRUENDO Privacy Panel will save you legal costs. We work with lawyers to make a GDPR compliant Privacy Policy for your website.


Build Trust

With the TRUENDO Privacy Panel, your website makes it easy for people to understand why you need their data. This builds trust.


Promote Data Rights

People want more transparency. You can be a Data Privacy Advocate by using software that makes personal data easy.

Is your website on the right side of the GDPR?

Have your Website scanned to find out, like many before you.

What People Say

„For us as an Advertising and Consulting Agency, it was super easy to fulfil the GDPR requirements for our website. We have the TRUENDO Privacy Panel to thank for that.“
Johannes Luger
Zaster & Zampano – Advertising Agency
„Simple and easy“ is the motto for our customers. It’s for this reason, that TRUENDO is the right partner for us regarding the tiresome issue of the GDPR.
Claudia & Charly
Sencillo – Design & Sound
“It was very easy to add TRUENDO to our website, it only took a few minutes and now we have a GDPR compliant website. I can only recommend it.“
Gregoire Landreau