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TRUENDO’s Privacy Panel Benefits

Something Money Can't Buy

TRUST! People trust what they understand. With an easy-to-read and an easily understandable Privacy Policy (in the form of the Privacy Panel), you will earn more trust than non-transparent websites. Trust cannot be bought, but it can be earned. 


GDPR Compliant Website

The TRUENDO Privacy Panel was built to make a website GDPR compliant. While no tool can ever guarantee full GDPR compliance, the Privacy Panel will reduce your compliance work around your website to a few minutes.


Cookie Compliance

With TRUENDO you can become fully cookie (ePrivacy) compliant. Your website visitors will be able to easily manage their cookie preferences, building trust in your website and business.


Geolocation is extremely important for GDPR compliance. You have to know where the content of your website is hosted. More importantly, you have to know where you store personal data. The TRUENDO Scanner will tell you where your website is hosted i.e. in the EU or outside the EU.


Always Up-To-Date

If you add a new GDPR-relevant feature and forget to update the Privacy Panel, the scanner will pick it up for you. TRUENDO scans your website to make sure that the Privacy Panel is always up-to-date with your website, to ensure that your website remains GDPR compliant.

If the law changes around the GDPR then Privacy Panel will be adjusted to keep your website compliant. That’s one less worry for you.



We currently offer the Privacy Panel in German and English. TRUENDO checks the language of a browser and displays the Privacy Panel accordingly. If a browser is set to a language we do not support then the Privacy Panel is displayed in English.

You can match the TRUENDO Privacy Panel’s language to the WordPress plugins “Polylang” and “WPML” in the TRUENDO plugin. Please note that the Privacy Panel can only be displayed in English or German at this time. 

FAQs About Pricing

Is Tax Included in the Price

No, VAT (Value Added Tax) is not included in the price.
For sales in member countries of the European Union, we charge the applicable VAT. If we are notified of a sales tax ID number of a non-Austrian company within the European Union, the service will be exempt from VAT.

Contract Length & Cancellation

The contract (or subscription) is valid for 1 month or 1 year.
You can cancel the contract at any time. The TRUENDO Privacy Panel will be available to you for as long as you have paid for.
To cancel the contract, log in to your TRUENDO account and go the “My Organization” tab and then “Subscription”. 

Payment Method

Payment can be made with all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard & AmEx).

Change Payment Period

Once you have created your TRUENDO account you will easily be able to switch between the annual and monthly subscription packages. This can be done in the Admin Center.

TRUENDO’s Website Scanner Explained

What the TRUENDO Scanner scans for



We scan for Necessary, Marketing, Preference and Statistics cookies.


Comment Boxes

Allowing comments on your website means that you likely collect some sort of personal data about the person making the comment.

Account Logins

A login button means that you have a certain amount of personal information about a person. This can include, a name, email, gender, Date of Birth, phone number, password, billing address and delivery address.

Social Media Share/Like Buttons

Embedding share and like buttons on your website means that anybody that clicks on a share or like button will give personal information to the social media provider via your website. It is thus necessary to tell people that they are sharing personal data with a 3rd party.

Web Fonts

You may or may not have heard of web fonts. If your website uses web fonts then it is sending personal (the IP Address) of a user to the web font provider. IP-Addresses are considered personal data. You, therefore, have to declare that your website uses them.

Embedded Maps

Adding an active map to you website means that the map-provider needs your website visitors IP address. As IP address are considered personal data you have to inform the person that their IP address will be sent to the maps-provider when they use your website.


Contact Forms

When you collect any sort of personal data, you must inform people about where their data is going, of their rights, how long you will store it for etc. Make reference to the Privacy Panel on your contact forms to reduce the GDPR threat.

Newsletter Signups

Like a contact form, with a newsletter, you are collecting personal data. The personal data being collected can include email, name, Date of Birth, gender. If you collect more than an email address please remember the principal of “Data Minimisation”. Only collect what you need. 


A very important and often overlooked part of GDPR compliance for a website is the actual location of the servers, where the website is stored. The servers that store your website may not actually be in the country where you live. What is important is that you know where they are in the EU or outside of the EU.

Social Media Logins

If you allow users to login via a social media service (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.), then you have to inform the person doing the logging in, which personal data of theirs you collect from the social media service. As a example: name, email and date of birth.


Live Chat Service

In most cases, Live Chat Services are provided by a 3rd party. This means that by visiting your website a person automatically sends their IP address to the Live Chat Service provider. You have to, therefore, inform a person visiting your website that certain information will be sent to the Live Chat Service provider.

People Trust Transparency And Respect Honesty

Start earning trust through transparency with TRUENDO’s Privacy Panel.