Privacy Dashboard


Build trust between your customers and your business

According to Article 13 of the GDPR, a business must show the following to the person when collecting their data:

   The contact details the person(s) that is in charge of their data and or the person processing their data or the contact details of the Data Protection Officer (DPO)

   why their data is being collected and processed

   which 3rd parties the data will be sent to (if this is applicable)

   which non-EU countries their data will be transferred to (if this is applicable)

   how long you will store their data

   whether they have to provide their data to fulfil contractual or statutory obligations

   the person (data subject) has to be made aware of their right to:

  1. rectification
  2. erasure
  3. restriction of processing
  4. object
  5. withdraw consent
  6. to lodge a complaint
  7. know whether their data will be subject to automatic decision making which includes profiling among other things

A convienent customer experience

When a customer is completing a registration, they will need to provide consent so their data can be processed. With TRUENDO, they can click on an “info button” and they will see why that specific data is being collected. Alternatively, they will be able to click on the Privacy Dashboard icon on the right of the screen. Customers will be shown which data your business is collecting, and the purposes of processing.

The Privacy Dashboard also includes cookie information. It will inform the person which cookies a website is using.

The Privacy Dashboard increases customer confidence in your business.