Self-Service Centre


Where your business and your customers win

The TRUENDO Self-Service Centre (SSC) is another outstanding feature that will help your business reach GDPR compliance.
When a person exercises their GDPR rights (Articles 15 – 22) , a business has 1 month to process their request. The TRUENDO SSC can do this in under 100 milliseconds.
Chapter 3 of the GDPR is titled “Rights of the Data Subject”. The TRUENDO SSC covers the majority of these rights. What is more, the TRUENDO SSC is fully automated which will save your employees time, therefore money and you are buying your business peace of mind.


What is the TRUENDO SSC and how does it work?

The Self-Service Centre enables a person to exercise their GDPR rights. They will enter their Email address in the Privacy Dashboard. This sends them a link to the SSC and they will be able to:

   request which information they have provided (Right of access)

   rectify their information e.g. if their address changes (Right to rectification)

   have their data erased (“Right to be forgotten”)

   prevent their data from being used i.e. processed (Right to restriction of Processing)

   the right to transmit their data from one company to another without any obstacles (Right to data portability)

   the data subject has the right to object the use of the data i.e. processing of their data (right to object)

   if the data subject is subjected to automatic decision making, including profiling then they will be allowed to object.

   they will be able to provide new consent or revoke consent by (un)checking a box

A must for any business that is serious about their customers

The brilliant TRUENDO SSC will buy your business time, meaning your employees will have more time to focus on their money-making tasks.
Confidence in your business will increase sharply, because the transparency that people demand, will be handed to them in a matter of seconds. This will lead to them recommending your business to their peers.

Increase social proof in your business with the Self-Service Centre