Task Automation


More than GDPR compliance

What sets TRUENDO apart from any other GDPR compliance solution is it’s ability to automate tasks. Below, you will find a list of tasks that will automatically take place if your business is using TRUENDO:

   access their data

   have their data rectified

   be forgotten (have their data deleted)

   restrict the processing of their data

   request who has access to their data

   object to their data being used

   inform a person if they will be subjected to profiling i.e. automated decision making

   change their consent (see Self-Service Centre)

   Log the flow of data over the data lifecycle

   Provide your companies’s deparments (and 3rd parties) with access to data according to consent/contractual agreements

   Provide manditory information (Article 13) to customers when collecting their data (see Privacy Dashboard)

   Attach a persons consent to their data to ensure that data processing is always legal i.e. based on consent

All these automated tasks will save your business time, money and resources. You will be buying your business peace of mind with a tool that goes beyond GDPR compliance.

Add efficiency to your data processing through automation